Core Values

1. The Client Experience is our First Priority

You will feel valued and respected from the initial phone conversation. Our priority is to provide exceptional care to accelerate your recovery and performance. Our environment is warm and friendly, and your time is spent purposefully.

2. Commitment to Excellence and Exceed Expectations

At APR, our actions represent our passion in the company. We treat each other and our work environment with the same respect that we treat our clients. We strive for an exceptional client experience.

3. Challenge Complacency

We seek constant improvement—in our business, our services and ourselves. It is our obsession to get you better and in top performance in whatever activity or sport that you are passionate about. We hire an elite staff and support their journey to excel through education and provide them with the most advanced tools to accelerate your healing and performance. We continually strive to be better each and everyday.

4. Commitment to Community

We will give back by giving to local charities, being involved in local events, and partnering with others to provide services to improve the overall health of our communities.