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Joey Teixeira, PTA, MT, Physical Therapy Assistant

Joey’s experience in mind and body connection started with martial arts in 2000 when he learned that we move with a purpose and that the mind and body should move as one. Going to Bancroft School of MassageTherapy further influenced his knowledge of how the body moves and that it can be strong and weak. Message therapy helps get the tissue prepared to move and neuromuscular technique redefines what a massage is. Joey’s experience with Kinesio taping technique allows his “hands” to stay with you to learn how to keep muscles moving well or help with recovery. Recovery of the body is complex but simply applying the thought of “which muscle is moving at what time?” helps to maintain “A body in motion, stays in motion.”

Graduated from North Shore Community College 2010
Graduated from Bancroft School of Message Therapy 2002
Practicing Neuromuscular technique 2004
Practice Kinisio taping technique since 2008