Patient Testimonials

“So happy we chose APR for Morgan’s rehab post knee injury. Not only has she made a complete recovery but David is also helping to further develop her strength to avoid another sports related injury. Flexible schedule and very accommodating. Love the clean, fresh modern space and equipment.” – Heather C.


“Came here with shoulder pain from playing lacrosse. Place is awesome, clean, and everybody is willing to help out. I was referred to a specific training program that will allow me to come back bigger faster and stronger without running the risk of getting re-injured. I highly recommend APR to anyone who is being restrained from some sort of pain and wants to get back out to living to the fullest.”  – Jeremy E.


“I’m a 32 year old and I ruptured my left Achilles tendon 3 months ago playing basketball. I had surgery within 3 days of the rupture. 6 weeks after surgery I have started physical therapy. My first choice was to go to Physical Therapy in Norwood but the next available appointment was available in one week. I was inpatient and wanted to start therapy right away. I have called few places and only Accelerated Performance Rehabilitation, took me in the same day. I am very thankful that they did. Facility: Great facility, brand new, a lot of different types of equipment to accommodate different types of injuries. Staff: David and Jessica are very friendly, professional, supportive and always on time. They go above and beyond to get you back on your feet. My therapist Dave is extremely knowledgeable and loves what he does. After six weeks of therapy I was able to return back to work at sea. I am so glad that I have chosen Accelerated Performance Rehabilitation and I would certainly recommend APR to everyone. Thank you!!!” – Pavel G.


“I was Patient #One in APR. My experience could have not been any better. Dave is extremely knowledgeable, understood my injury and invested a lot of effort to get me out of pain! All the equipment is brand new – which contributes to the amazing experience. The practice is well connected with doctors in the Boston area and David does not hesitate to send patients to see a medical professional if he feels that therapy is not enough. Good luck!” Nick Q.


“Over the years, I’ve endured ortho problems. I found out about APR PT & decided to give them a try. They are extremely knowledgeable, professional, & truly care about their clients. Very relaxing & soothing atmosphere. Dave is wonderful. The exercises he gives me have helped immensely. Jess is the receptionist, always there to greet you with her smile.” – Marcia B.