Personal Training

Benefits of Our Training Programs

Our training programs are for those looking to maximize their results, take their fitness to the next level. We help you achieve your goals through a program that can customized for any age or ability level.  We focus on combining mobility, agility, strength, power, and endurance and nutritional consultation into one complete program.  We also offer specialized options for general fitness, fat-loss, sports performance, strength training, and more depending on your specific goals.

Personal Training clients start off with a personalized strategy session to including a nutritional and body fat analysis with an individualized functional assessment.  This allows us to create the perfect customized program based on your goals, needs, and current ability.


Scheduling You Session

You can schedule your training sessions at times convenient to you. We have times available throughout the day. Each time you come in, your performance coach will help you through your unique program in a small semi-private environment.

This is the perfect option for those looking to get the best results or for those with unique goals or needs.



Team Training

Our Team Training clients receive the same personalized strategy session including a nutritional and body fat analysis wit a individualized functional assessment.

Team Training is but built around the same principles as our Custom Training programs, but you will be in a group of up to 4 clients per 1 Performance Coach. Our program changes daily so you won’t be bored, and uses a combination of fun and challenging exercises.  You will build strength and burn fat like never before.

You’ll get results, stay motivated, challenge yourself, and have fun working alongside other members of #TeamAPR. We don’t just throw you in a class or make you do exercises that are too basic or advanced for you, our programs are built to allow flexibility for each person.  Each exercise in the program has multiple progressions and regressions.  This allows us to customize the Team Training environment program based on your goals, needs, and current ability so anyone can benefit