Small Group Training

Ages 13+

1 Performance Coach to every 4 Clients is the ratio

Training to increase performance is essential to get an edge on the competition whether you’re a high school athlete, collegiate player, weekend warrior, or just looking for motivation for fat loss.  The main focus of our Small Group Training program is improving movement and fitness along with learning techniques to train effectively, efficiently, and safely. All Small Group Training clients receive a custom program based off of the results of their one-on-one assessment and their personal goals.

Even if you’re not a competitive athlete but want to look, feel and train with the same support system in a high-energy training atmosphere, our Small Group Training program will provide you the structure and motivation to crush your goals. Our program will help you get stronger, move better and maximize your performance.

  • Barbell, dumbbell, kettlebell, and bodyweight exercises
  • Plyometric exercises, jumping and medicine ball throwing
  • Foam rolling and other self-implemented soft tissue techniques
  • Maintaining optimal mobility, flexibility, and stability

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