Specialized Performance Training

Ages 13+

Are you ready for fall tryouts?

Our athletes are more flexible, stronger and less apt to be injured because we focus the individual vs a large group.  Each athlete is assessed by one of our physio’s to determine what areas need to be addressed.  The right exercises under our supervisor will ensure you get stronger, faster and less likely to get injured.

We provide an encouraging and engaging culture that allows athletes of all levels to reach peak performance.

68% of athletes remain injury free with proper year-round strength and condition training.*

Using research and result-based techniques, our team of professional athletes, performance coaches, and highly skilled physo’s are here to serve you!

We believe that mastering the fundamentals is key to playing at your highest level. One Performance Coach to every FOUR athletes allows us great supervision over each player’s form and technique. The 4:1 approach allows us to individualize each athletes program vs being in a large group.

“4 athletes to 1 performance coach is how we roll.”

Dave Fleischman, MPT – owner APR

Join us this summer for our exclusive soccer sports and performance training beginning on July 1st! Work with Alex Shtrenberg,(Pro soccer player) and Calvin Chow, (APR sports performance coach) to enhance your game!

Our 4 week program includes:

• Free movement screen and injury consultation

• 1 performance coach to every 4 athletes

• 4 Sessions a week in progressive 4 week program Mon-Thursday (7/1 – 8/24)

• 2 Strength & Conditioning days per week @APR Physical Therapy

• 2 Soccer Techniques day per week (footwork, shooting, passing, dribbling) held @ Xaverin, HS

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